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The Daily Standard
in Stoic Masculinity


No more excuses or complaining.

Just Get To It.

Provocatio: inviting someone to engage in a contest.

Unprecedented Feel.
Impeccable Reliability.

Here isn't a place for self-pity or feeling sorry for yourself. You must assume Immaculate Self-Accountability. You are where you deserve to be, undoubtedly. If you disagree with this statement, leave this page, think about it, and return only when you come to see the light.

The solution to all your fears and doubts is an absolute pledge: to push yourself in ways you didn't think possible.
Consistently. Without fail. No Negotiation.

Now is not the time to hesitate in doing what you know you must. For those of you who wish to embrace your masculine energy and listen to the voice within, adhere to this devotion.

Welcome to Provocatio


The rules are simple. You sign up, you commit. To refuse an assignment is to prove a lack of control and discipline.

Every day, you will receive an assignment of the form of a physical exercise communicated to you through our blog section. You will have until the following day to complete such assignment.


By achieving these daily goals, you empower yourself with a key piece of knowledge: life is what you make of it. Choosing to tackle it with ferocious intent is to revolt against that feeling of normalcy and banal existence.

Ready to change your life?

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