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Complacency Resisters

Not once did complacency get anybody anywhere. Complacency is the opposite of fulfillment. Doing what one knows he can do, accomplishing what has already been accomplished previously, exercising something already learned, are subtle tricks to tell yourself you're doing well.

When in fact you're not.

When is the last time you did something daring? Accomplished a feat you never thought possible? Persevered through the tough times? How many moments can you truly think of?

One? Two? Multiple? Really think about it.

Stop letting your thoughts lure you away from the truth. Cease to pat yourself on the back every instant of the day. Start to acknowledge how often you refuse to engage in an audacious manner.

Then you'll realize. If you haven't already.

You have untapped potential.

Born in the perfect time in history to become the individual you've always wished you were. Provided with opportunities you've passed up on. Given the chance to challenge yourself in the hopes to become a better man, but you've limited yourself.

At least once in your life, you created a fictitious barrier and told yourself that was it, that you couldn't do so.

Fictitious is the word I used. Yes, fictitious. Because these limitations aren't real. They have never been. Not once have you encountered a situation you couldn't overcome. And if you think differently, you desperately need to help yourself out.

Once you understand that karma is real, that you can win in any scenario despite the odds in front of you, that you can fight any situation with real chances of winning, you'll become a very dangerous individual.

With no one to tell you can't, no obstacle big enough, no mountain to tall, you'll reach the pinnacle of human capability.

Control your mind. Discipline it. Conquer it.

And in the end, the best version of yourself will prevail.

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