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February Assignments

Updated: Feb 10

Hello everybody. You will find below the challenges for the month of February. It is your responsibility to make sure you challenge yourself to the fullest, so pursue these to the best of your ability. Remember how close you are to becoming who you can be.

Don't sell yourself short.


Positive Affirmations:

  • Write something encouraging down that you would want your child to hear from you. At 3 different times of the day, spend 2 minutes repeating to yourself that same thing.

  • Picture yourself where you want to be as the ultimate goal in your life. Spend 15 minutes imagining yourself there as if you had made it.

Month of February

  • Read The Power of Consistency, by Weldon Long. Complete the activities in the book.

  • At the end of the month, add to your Progress Page your accomplishments during February. Separate those achievements in 2 categories: those from Provocatio, and those on your own from your personal life.

Week of Feb 6th

Physical Exercises:

  • Run 8 miles in one go

  • Complete 200 push ups in a day

  • Stretch for 1h30 in one sitting

Life Tasks:

  • Call someone close to you and tell them you love them

  • Make a generous contribution to the community - doesn’t have to be financial, could be talking to someone in need, volunteering at a shelter, etc.


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