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Our Mission

This isn't a resource for physical exercise. This is a call to arms.

Rather, we're using physical exercise to educate our followers. Here's what you can expect to learn from this commitment: discipline, self accountability, control. By accepting that this will be hard, yet still doing it, those who follow the instructions to the letter will reinvent themselves as the warriors they know they can be.

This will crush your limitations and allow stoicism to ensue.


Our Story

Remember the shame and guilt experienced after giving up or not going all the way. That feeling of disappointment and incompletion because there is a gap in your life you didn't fill. We've all felt itGiving up too quickly, being too lazy to even try, refusing to try because you didn't think it was possible. Perhaps it was a weight loss journey, a degree, a relationship, a recovery from an addiction, a business idea. For all those times you gave up, you lost a piece of yourself. You didn't succeed because the fight was too much.​


"Well, you don't know me. You don't know what I have been through." You're right. True. Guess what? We don't care. No one cares. No one is going to care either.​


It's a hard pill to swallow. We know.​


The only person who can make this happen is you. Not your family, not your friends, not even us.​It is you and you only who must push and pull yourself through your struggles, regardless of the people around you. You have a responsibility to persevere and conquer. You owe it to yourself. Do it before it's too late.


​Here at Provocatio, we offer you our support. We give you challenges to overcome. Challenges which are designed to test you. We give you a chance to fight, to stand tall against that feeling of inferiority. It is our goal to motivate you to work hard.​ And you know why? Because we are tired of hearing excuses. We are ashamed of every man saying it's too hard. We can't stand those you go through life without taking any form of responsibility. We refuse this mediocrity. And above all, we place our faith in those who take action.​We seek to raise an army of warriors. Men who agree to engage in consistent fighting.


We hope to connect men with similar ambitions, and create a community of unparalleled support. We want relentless individuals who will stop at nothing and push each other to gain control of their mind. By joining us, you sign a contract to make these other men proud.

Our Vision

We're looking  to bring together individuals who feel dissatisfied with themselves. Those who can connect with what they have read so far. We want to offer them support by showing them that they are not alone, that there are plenty of others with similar thoughts.

Forming this group is one thing, but having them go through the same struggles is what will truly connect them with one another. Knowing that there are others who are pushing themselves the same way brings comfort in times of combat.

Eventually, we hope to stand back and let members take over the battle of driving the troops through the harsh battles. Those who stay consistent and fight through the hardship will step up and lead them by example. A self serving army comprised of obsessed soldiers is our ultimate vision. We shall work tirelessly to move together towards one destination: a complete understanding of one's own unlimited abilities.

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